Justin Ray's Statement on State Rep. Jon Rosenthal and Quorum in the Texas House

HOUSTON, Texas — Justin Ray, Texas House District 135 candidate, released the following statement in response to State Representative Jon Rosenthal returning to Austin for the Second Special Session after the House established a quorum.

“State Representative Jon Rosenthal has no political courage whatsoever to show up in Austin after a quorum had already been established. He continues to show that he cares more about political theater than working for the voters in House District 135 who elected him. Where was Rosenthal the last several weeks besides hiding from the House sergeant-at-arms and wasting taxpayers’ time and money?”

Click here for a video obtained by ABC13 on Aug. 19 showing the House sergeant-at-arms at Rosenthal’s northwest Harris County home for an outstanding arrest warrant after breaking quorum and preventing the House from conducting official business.ting the House from conducting official business.


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