As a Trustee Justin's focus will include:

Improving Student Academic Outcomes

Public schools have an obligation to prepare students for an ever-increasing competitive global workforce. Of utmost focus are the subjects of mathematics, reading proficiency and writing.

Removing Politicized Curriculum

Public school systems around the country have unfortunately fallen victim to divisive and politicized curriculum and instruction. Cy-Fair ISD must maintain a culture war free curriculum.

School Safety & Discipline

Public schools have seen an uptick in violence and discipline issues. Schools must be protected from external threats but must also focus on the internal discipline issues as well. Teachers cannot teach and students cannot learn in a chaotic environment.

Strong Budgeting and Tax Policy

Any government entity that utilizes tax revenue must remain a good steward of tax resources and provide the public with a transparent and sound return on investment.

Parent and Teacher Partnership

Students have the greatest chance for success when parents are engaged collaboratively with teachers. When both parents’ rights and the expertise of teachers are respected in this important union, students will succeed academically.