Public Education

Texas is an economic engine of opportunity and prosperity. Our state’s economy will continue to grow only with an educated population. As a father of children in public schools, a school volunteer, and the husband and son of public-school teachers, I understand the unique challenges facing our Texas school districts.

As State Representative, I will draw upon my first-hand experiences working directly with the hardworking public-school teachers and administrators. I will support measures that address the needed school funding and teacher salaries. The State of Texas should strive to work hand in hand with school boards, teachers, and parents to provide an excellent education for Texas children.

Keeping Taxes and Regulations LOW

Texas is a destination for businesses and families due to our pro-business environment. Our State must continue to embrace policies that encourage business investment and entrepreneurship. We must strive to keep regulation and taxes low in order to maintain a business-friendly environment that is the foundation of Texas’ economic prosperity.

My experience as mayor, working with businesses in the community and understanding their role, will serve me well in Austin. I will always work for the residents of House District 135 to encourage economic, regulatory, and taxation policy that supports and incentivizes growth in our community.

Public Safety

Keeping the community safe is and always will be a top priority of mine. As a longtime member of this community with three young children, it is imperative that we work to ensure HD 135 remains a safe and vibrant place to live, work, and raise a family.

I will continuously support the protection of the United States southern border. A secure border with Mexico is critical to the continued safety of our communities. Texas has a responsibility to work collaboratively with Federal authorities to ensure the protection of its citizens, eradicate the scourge of human trafficking, and to preserve the integrity of the rule of law.

During my time as Mayor of Jersey Village, I oversaw law enforcement priorities and provided them with the tools needed to do their job. As your State Legislator, I will continue to support policies that will not hinder our local law enforcement agencies.

Texas Values

What sets our great state apart is our reliable adherence to time tested values. We must continue to embrace and hold steadfast to these Texas values. Our policies should continue to support the rights of the unborn, religious freedom, and second amendment rights. Texas must always remain a bastion of individual rights and personal freedom, and I will work tirelessly to ensure it does.